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Coffs Harbour Jetty

About Coffs Harbour Jetty

If you’re an avid seeker of relaxed living, Coffs Harbour Jetty is the perfect spot for your next adventure! Take in breathtaking views of the sea and witness stunning sunsets. Feel a calmness come over you as you listen to sounds from near and far, softly brushing against those who stay still long enough to take it all in. Whether friends gather or couples stroll by hand-in-hand—there’s something special here sure to bring delight in whatever mood one may be in. And when feeling up for more fun? Rent out boats at the shoreline and explore what lies beyond this picturesque haven brimming with life – locals included!

Coffs Harbour Jetty is the perfect destination for a day out with something to appeal to everyone! Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable evening at Element Bar or Latitude 30, which offers delicious food and stunning harbour views, there’s something sure to please. Markets on Sundays bring families together while art enthusiasts can experience all that. The Jetty Theatre has to offer in terms of performances and film screenings throughout the year.

Coffs Habour

What to do at Coffs Harbour Jetty

Coffs Harbour Jetty is the perfect place to take in all of nature’s wonders. Experience a charming stroll on the breakwater, observe passionate surfers riding waves, witness boats cruising by, and marvel at Mutton Bird Island from afar – before ending your journey with majestic views from one of Coffs’ oldest jetties!

Coffs Harbour Jetty is a destination that any traveller seeking leisurely experiences should visit. Enjoy an enchanting view of the sea, a beautifully romantic sunset and calming sound of the ocean breeze blowing in the air As you stroll down its long wooden pier. Couples may be seen walking together while surfers take to their boards on the water’s surface. Plenty of boats are available for rent, too – ideal for gathering with friends or simply taking in nature’s embrace from afar. The jetty always has something to offer, whether it be lively activities among friendly locals or peaceful moments enjoying coastal scenery.


One local company in Coffs Harbour that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: A1 Concreting Coffs Habour

Address: 4 Lawson Cres, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Telephone: (04) 8390 4985